Tuesday, June 8, 2010


A conversation between C and I

C: Mom, did you know if you look at the sun you will go blind?

Me: I think that is true, we better not look directly at it

C: Yeah because if you are blind you can't see

Me: That is right and then things like walking and driving aren't always possible

C: You could walk with a guide dog

Me: Right, but driving is totally out

C: Right, and the ass circus

Me: The what circus?

C: The ASSSSS circus

Me: What?

C: You know, the circus; elephants, jugglers, and the ass clowns

Me: What?

C: Maaaaaaummmmm, you know what I am talking about

Me: Yeah, the circus, the regular circus with regular clowns and blind people can go they just wouldn't be able to see the acts but they could hear them

C: Whose blind? I am talking about the clowns?


I hope life can only get better said...

I have just seriously fell off my chair in a fit of laughter!!! I love C! The Ass circus...now I know my husband has occasionaly called someone a ass clown, are these the same clowns in the Ass Circus? and the whole line about who's blind...priceless!!!!!! Seriously, you made my day

Kim said...

lol oh my what a funny conversation