Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh Come On!

I took C to his first taekwondo class this afternoon. He hated it. He cried half way through and sat on the side lines. I was that parent with a crying kid, trying desperately to encourage him to try again. He was that child that couldn't be consoled. Couldn't he have had his meltdown before we paid 40.00 for the uniform? My head hurts.

It has been so long since we've had these type of meltdowns. Ever since the IEP went into place C has been happy and worry free. Today everything we've worked so hard for just seemed to come tumbling down. I don't want to get in the pattern of a major pep talk every time he cries. If we do, then he cries more because he likes it. It is so hard to strike that balance. And poor C, he just got upset and overwhelmed and he just wanted to hide.

He's fine now, playing a video game and vying for the next snack. But man, what a day. He had camp, I had a strengthening class, then he had taekwondo. I was back and forth to the community center four complete times. Tomorrow, C just has camp; we're riding bikes, so that should be nice. Since; you know; tomorrow is a new day and all.


Kim said...

Aww thats too bad he didnt like it. It stinks you had to pay all that money for a uniform. Some parentts make their kids do it no matter if they dontlike it just because of the cost, or doesnt what their kid to be a quiter. But in my opinion I wouldnt force my kids to do anything they didnt like. Maybe you can get a refund on the uniform

I hope life can only get better said...

I never force my kids to stay in something if they don't like it. But, for some reason every time I say it is time to leave for Karate D does not want to go and makes a fit. I pile him in the car and he is all right when he gets there. With him it is more the fear of the un known. Poor C! I noticed the change in routines to summer has D all in a tizzy also. Maybe after some adjustment time he will be okay. How was the teacher? was he nice and inviting or did he scare C somehow?