Thursday, June 24, 2010

Critics Corner

SYTYCD is weird this season. They've brought back 'all stars' from former seasons to dance with the contestants instead of pairing them together. The problem is; the all stars way out shine the contestants. It was actaully a little off putting last night. That and the fact that my DVR isn't working and I had to watch it live.

Ghost Hunters Academy proved worth my time this week. They nixed Roslyn which, from the first episode was my least liked 'cadet'. I totally laugh seeing Dave and Tango be hard asses, they are so funny on Ghost Hunters, I never expected them to be any different.

Secret Life has become even worse this season. We're only two episodes in and already another teen is pregnant. Mind you, when this show first aired it was hailed as a modern 7th Heaven! Of the original cast, there is only one virgin left. And they are juniors in high school. Gosh I love me some trashy TV.

Days of our Lives is blahh this month. They are finally killing off Alice Horton. But I swear she hasn't been on in years, so it is rather anticlimactic. However I am glued to the Chloe/ Daniel / Philip love triangle (well not really a triangle) but on Their wedding day Daniel and Chloe find out that Chloe is pregnant. Daniel doesn't know it is probably Philips baby. But here is a soap opera twist you never know. Is Chloe really expecting? Dr Manning, Carly, could have made that up because she Chloe to force Chloe to tell the truth about her one night stand with Philip. Carly doesn't know it is Philip though. So there you have it. These folks have been held up in a hospital room for a week trying to get through an impromptu wedding and keep getting interrupted. Oh, did I mention Chloe was in the hospital because she fell down an elevator shaft after trying to kill Carly but having seconds thoughts so she grabbed Carly out of the way but fell herself. Yes I waste an entire hour on this crap every day.

My newest fave: Pretty Little Liars is proving to be sort of Gossip Girlish with a hint of that 90s' show with Jordon Catalono. I can't think of the name. But you know the one with that girl from Photo Shop, and she has sort of a wild friend and a gay guy friend when that was sort of taboo. Anyway it is full of a big secret, and teenage angst, I don't see where they could go wrong. ... My So Called Life, that was the show. Anyway, they haven't really thrown boys in yet, except a few kissy kissy scenes between a teacher and student. I know - trashy - right? Ahh my new fave.

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Kim said...

I watched Ghost Hunters Academy too. I love Ghost Hunters. Im so glad Rosalyn is gone too. She should of been gone a long time ago