Sunday, June 27, 2010

Burrito Burgers

Burrito Burgers:

A pound or more of ground meat or ground turkey

A half cup to a cup of rice (pre-cooked)

A small can of Pinto Beans, or any kind you like

An envelope (more or less) of taco seasoning

Any Tex-Mex seasoning you like. I added Chipotle hamburger seasoning - just because I had it.

Rachel Ray has the same recipe, sort of, but she adds different seasoning and actual Chipotle sauce. She calls them Stretch a buck burrito burgers.

Mix and fry.

Terrible for the grill, they are really messy. But I bet if you cut the rice to just a half cup and the beans to half and add an egg they'd be okay for the grill.

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Kerry said...

I tried these burgers with taco seasoned meat and they were so good! Thanks!