Friday, June 25, 2010

Babble Babble

I seem to have a lot to say over the last few days. I think I am going a little nutty because I have lacked adult interaction. Thank God I got to talk to my sister last night or I would be totally off my rocker. S travels so much these days, and this week has been no different. However, some good news. He called late last night to say he was able to get his flight changed and he will be home around five tonight instead of ten. So we're happy about that.

I told C the new this morning and asked him what he wanted to do tonight for dinner. We normally go out when dad gets home from a long trip. But to my surprise he didn't yell out "Red Robin Yum". He wants something at home. I am glad that is what he chose. And, actaully I am glad we didn't go out last night in the end. I was trying to go an entire week without spending money unless it was needed items at the grocery store. Low and behold, we actaully did it, for the most part. Our only expenditure was a Diet Coke while we were out and we shared and the money came from the ashtray in the car (I don't think that counts as real money)So back to my point; We're making dinner tonight.

We can't decide between Mexican style burrito burgers or tacos. They both sound pretty mouth watering to me. Oh well, three hours till S gets home. I suppose I should clean up a little. Maybe do the dusting and pick up the toys that seem to spill into every room as the day goes on :P)

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Kim said...

S is gone alot. Good for you to go a whole week w/out spending $$. Wish I could do the same. I can go every other day, then I run to to the Commissary for something. I try but its like next to impossible.Thsoe burgers sound good. CAn u send me the recipe