Wednesday, June 23, 2010

17 Days!

The countdown has begun. Only 17 Days left until our Pocono VK with J,K & Baby A! I am so excited. We are going for an entire week. We’ve rented a cabin that is just across the path from the lake. The décor is totally “gramma 70’s”. But there is a fridge, a stove, and a dishwasher so it isn’t like we’re really roughing it. Also, there is a Super Walmart 9.7 miles away. Yup … ROUGHING IT! But let’s see if we can manage a VK without having to go to Walmart the first day.

I asked C last night what he’d like to do at the lake. He let me know he really wanted to go out on a canoe but that Dad and I could do all the work. He then said “wait, are we like going to eat grill food all week?” to which I replied “we are probably going to eat a lot of food from the grill, so yes” then he gets this really goofy smile and says “Okay, but for one; don’t burn my hotdogs and for two; you might want to wear an apron if you are going to grill naked, you know like the volleyball games.” Then we both started laughing. C just thinks that one ‘clothing optional’ campground is so funny. I asked him if he really thought we’d go someplace like that and he said “Mom, I just don’t know these days, I mean look you won’t let me play Gears of War or Halo anymore, what is next, Naked Land roller coasters?”

In other news: We fixed the school bill issue with the bonds. I can’t believe we had that much money just sitting in our firebox. In the end we had enough for the school bill and enough to pay for the tires I put on a credit card a few weeks ago. I suppose, the money wasn’t just sitting there, so many times we contemplating cashing out the bonds but decided that it really wasn’t worth it at that moment. But this time around we knew it made the most sense.

Well, it is suppose to hit 95 again today and 98 tomorrow. I am going to go set up the kiddie pool and maybe mow some of the yard before the temp reaches its peak… maybe on the second part :P)

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Jamie said...

Haha C is soooo funny :) Totally your child! Love the things he says. Your camping trip sounds amazing- can I come? I can eat the burnt hot dogs :) Enjoy!

And woohoo about your bills getting paid off!