Thursday, June 24, 2010

Not That I Didn't Already

Oh Man. I am right here watching all these kids and they are just so darn rude! I have had to just step back and let them all work it out themselves. Good Lord! I had planned on running on my treadmil while they all played but it is impossible as I have to keep stopping to separate them. One more outbreak in the ranks and I am sending the little buggers home.

And not that my kid is perfect or anything but for crying out loud he is the youngest in the group and is the one sharing all his stuff!

Two minutes later: I sent them home after a huge uproar. Apparently the brother / sister duo were fighting and it just trickled in from there. I think I am going to take C to the movies. I need a real break - LOL


Jamie said...

Ban the buggers from your house ;) Bummer for C!

Kim said...

You sound like your in the same boat as me a weeks or so ago. Jarrett's been grounded so the kids have been away and OOHhhhhh its so wonderful.