Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sunny Side Up

I feel like Bill Cosby is narrating my days with C.

A few days ago C and I were tooling around the internet looking for campgrounds in the Poconos when we came across one that looked kind of cool. So we click the link and see a bunch a green trees, a lake, a volleyball court, naked people on the volleyball court, naked people on the beach, and naked people hiking! We accidentally clicked on a nudest camp! You couldn't see anything but a few behinds, but man did we laugh. Just imagine nothing but hiking boots! C was laughing so hard he was crying. Both of us were giggling and as we went back to the main site and looked for regular campgrounds.

Then yesterday C has a friend over and the boys were watching a cartoon. They both started to laugh and then C says "hey A, you want to hear something really funny, my mom and I looked at naked volleyball pictures on the internet." I immediately said "hey, what are you talking about, don't talk like that." I fully expect this kids mother to call soon.

Later when his friend asked for a snack C told him "No, your on my moms last nerve, she can't feed the whole neighborhood."


I hope life can only get better said...

The other day D was lying on the grass and I told him not to look directly at the sun. He said why, I replied because you will go blind and you won't be able to see the ass clowns! (I did not say ass though) That has become my favorite saying, you could have a whole blog of C sayings. But the naked volleyball, that might take the cake!

Kim said...

That is hilarious.I learned kids will say everything you dont want them to say