Friday, June 18, 2010

The Climb

Things are on the mend.

We went to the driving range tonight and smacked the heck out of a few dozen golf balls. It was cathartic and fun.

We found the answer to our huge school bill in the back of our closet. Savings bonds. 9 years worth. We are going to open a local back account tomorrow and cash them. There will be some left over to put towards the bills. Vacation funds untouched... the real priority of course.

Vacation at Keen Lake is settled, all the deposits have been paid and they even called to apologize, which I thought was nice, not many places do that these days. I can't believe the trip is in less than a month! Something to look forward too.

The cable sucks. We've had three new boxes in two days and as it turns out it is a wiring problem underground. The company is paying to have the wires dug up and replaced within the week; by their estimate. Then we should be back in business. I am going to call and see if I can get a DVR / HD credit for the two weeks total we'd be without. You never know until you ask - right?

My dog is back to crazy. She ate an entire bag of bagels off the counter tonight while we were out. She ate an entire bag of hot dog rolls this morning while I was walking C to the bus stop. I need to call the damn trainers again - at this point, only God knows what I am doing wrong.

Anyway, as dry as this post is, it is a happier one. Once in awhile I get a little crazy and overwhelmed, that's all. One crisis at a time Jamie, that is all you can handle..

One silly note: I gave C a haircut tonight. I did it on the deck, and let the hair just fall all over him, I figured he'd take a shower after anyway. Half way through the cut he looks down at all the hair on his shirt and says "oh no, I am a hairy beast like daddy! Help ME!!". It was pretty funny.

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Jamie said...

LOL C says the funniest things!