Friday, June 18, 2010

Earlier Riser

It is so bright outside by 6:00 am that I have been waking up really early. This morning around 5:30 I woke up and forced myself to go back to sleep, with minimal results. I suppose that is why I am so drop dead tired this morning. I was so crabby with S this morning that I am surprised it didn't offer to IV the coffee into me.

Our Father's day plans are foiled, and nothing seems to be able to replace what I had planned. Just timing issues, S leaves on Sunday afternoon for work, C has a birthday party midday on Saturday, and I told the kids they could all come over for movies tonight. Oh well, who says every holiday has to be some huge event. I might bring C to the original plan anyway. A concert at our church in the evening, it looked really good - and I don't want to miss out.

Alright - enough complaining. I can barely keep my eyes open. Even though it is only 9:30 I already mowed half the lawn (I did the other half last night) and cleaned up the kitchen from breakfast - homemade oatmeal and fruit. So it isn't' like I haven't been productive, I am going back to bed.

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Kim said...

The sun wakes me up every morning at 5. That stinks your plans fell threw for Fathers day, maybe you'll get to do something even if its little. We have no plans either cause Jess is gone to that schooling. Its a bummer we cant celebrate Fathers day w/ him