Monday, June 28, 2010


I totally got shocked to day by the computer. Lighting & thunder were lighting up the afternoon sky and I was running around trying to gather up all the chairs outside when I realized I needed to stop playing with metal objects during an electrical storm. The sounds were so loud and so close that for the first time in a years I was actually a little nervous over it. Normally I love the chaos of storms. Anyway, I head inside and that is when lightning starts coming down in bolts right between our house and the woods on the other side of the gold course! Good thing I got inside, only then I remembered that I was using to computer when I heard the first roll of thunder, so I went to turn it off and ZAP. Frick that hurt. My right hand got a jolt from my middle finger up through my shoulder. It is still sore, hours later.

So after the shock of a life time, other than the time I licked the end of an electric blanket just to see what would happen, I tried to boot the computer back up but got nothing. S gave it a try when he came home too, but nothing worked. Well, I had the magic touch I suppose because I flipped the switch on the surge protector and everything came back to life with no damage. S did the same exact things with no luck at all - poor guy. :P)


Jamie said...

OUCH!!! Crazy girl you are ;) We've had CRAZY storms lately and they're already closing roads because of flooding...thankfully its supposed to stay dry all week.

I hope life can only get better said...

Wow...that is scarey!!! Glad you are okay. I was actually looking foward to a little thunder storm here to break the humidity, but nothing. It has been stickey hot. I hate stickey hot!(PS ...can we have Borrito Burgers in August?)