Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Good Morning Vietnam!

I woke up my usual chipper self this morning. I was never a morning person until C came around. But when you wake up to the cutest little kid it is hard not to smile. I certainly need my cup of coffee but honestly I am normally happy to be up, even a six AM. This morning I was particularly happy to see ice on the deck. C has been sick and I really don't want him to be home from school. He has been doing so good, I just do not want him to miss anything. I was really hoping for a delay, that way his cold medicine wouldn't wear off before the end of the day. To my surprise school is completely canceled! Bring on the board games and hot coco!

In other 'Jamie is so important news' : I got to talk to one of my best friends this week, J. It was so nice to hear her voice and the sweet sound of her youngest daughter saying Hi.

I finished the book Witch and Wizard by James Patterson last night. It was really good. Although I am little burnt out on the whole Young Adult Super Natural stuff. It is almost getting predictable. Imagine the irony of that. This book was almost Hunger Game-ish meets Harry Potter. Okay, so I have never read or seen one Harry Potter book or movie, but I get the jist. Book 2 is called the gift, I think I will try to get that one from the library.

S, C and I have been watching a ton of movies lately. S and I watched the Book of Eli, violent and slow but had a cool ending - sort of. Vampires Suck, hysterical, but I wouldn't admit in public that I saw it. Sex in the City 2, raunchy and so not funny in most parts. C, S and I watched a plethora of goodies from our vault, Transformers, Goonies, Wallie, and more. Being holed up from sickness sure has given our media equipment a work out.

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Jamie said...

It was great talking to you too!! I hate when so much time goes by between calls, but such is life w/family I guess! Funny thing about Goonies...Abby is so afraid of Sloth. But yet she'll ask for him and then she says, "Hey you guys!" It is so cute! Next time I'll have to have her say that :) We watched Case 39 last night. It was good.