Monday, January 24, 2011

Tea Time

In an effort to keep myself off the sauce I elected to drink tea tonight instead of my normal cold night special of coffee, extra cream, two sugars. It could be the honeymoon period on that, but so far, I am loving it. Yumm-o!

In the latest make an ass of your self news: I got an email from the Ashburn library saying I had two books over due. So I logged into their website and renewed them, however this was just so they'd stop accruing fees, as I was certain I returned them. Just to be on the safe side, today I rechecked their website and they still had them checked out to me, so I figured I'd better head out there and find the two things - actaully one book and one CD myself. Before I left I searched library books normal hiding places in our house and the cars. I actaully found the book under my seat in the car. No surprise there - it was the one I was thinking that maybe we didn't return. So now I just had to find the CD. The exact CD that I remember going back into the house for after we loaded the car to return our loot a few weeks ago. The same CD I remembered putting in the book drop myself, but I digress ... For certain it wasn't in our house or on the floor of my car. So I headed out to the library and pillaged through all of their CD's. After a half hour I was empty handed and decided to ask for help. The clerk was really nice and offered to look up my account to see if there were any notes, which there was "returned case w/o CD". So, I ask the question "how much does it cost?" and then make plans to pay for the CD if it doesn't turn up in the next week. I even ask the clerk if she could check below the bin under the return slot where I am certain I returned the CD. She assures me they check it daily and the CD is not there. Okay ... and then it occurs to me, I didn't check one place - the CD player in my car.... Tada - Missy Higgins. I wish I could of just slipped it into the book drop - but alas it had no case. So embarrassing.

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Jamie said...

LOL you go girl!!! That sounds like something I'd do these days!