Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Still Standing

How am I still standing? I couldn't tell you, other than autopilot or by the grace of God, I have no insight. The scoop: I have been sick for three weeks and three days. I've been to the ER and have spoken with my doctor. I've had a slamming headache that at times has rendered me catatonic. Rewind back to a few posts earlier in the year where I complained about random pains that shot through my body; those have been worse in the last three weeks. I had been seen by our primary care "physician" a few months back, actaully all the primary givers around here are only PA's. Which kills me. Anyway; the results of that visit were inconclusive and the "doctor" summed me up as an active case of Fibromyalgia. When I left her office I filed all the "paperwork" she gave me in the trash can. Paperwork = print outs from Web MD. Seriously, Web MD. I have had this diagnoses one time before in Minot, and knew the doc was wrong then too. So all through vacation my husband has been trying to convince me that I need to go back to the doctors and be treated for this disease. His heart is in the right place but I was positive Fibromyalgia isn't it. A headache and sharp shooting pains are only two out of hundreds of symptoms.

There is light at the end of this tunnel. Although at this point it could be a mirage. When we returned from VK there were tons of messages on my machine asking me to call the IVF clinic. (more on that later) They had taken my blood before Christmas and found a problem, a Thyroid problem. According to a real doctor (not a PA) someone with a Thyroid dysfunction can have fatigued muscles, and especially in people who walk and run regularly, the muscles can twinge and ache and although a three week headache isn't common it can be a result of my body trying to fight back, fighting back against the IVF cycles AKA sub-clinical. Okay, so I get the medicine yesterday, but there is a problem. There is an old script for this stuff that doesn't match the new script. The glitch; when I went to the doctors months ago, they had tested me for this too but never told me and then when I went in for a follow up didn't even bother to check the labs and handed me a crackerjack box diagnosis, the reviewing REAL doctor put in the script months ago. 

I took the Thyroid medicine this morning. I still have a headache but I'm hopeful that the once things even out I'll be good as new.


Jamie said...

Oh man!!! I hope you finally have an answer! I've been praying for you. My friend here struggle w/her thyroid so if you have any questions about it all I can hook you up via email.

Kim said...

Oh my goodness. Sounds horrible will pray for you and hope you get answers and some relief from those headaches