Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I've Got Other Rants

I worked on a ranting post this morning but lost sight of my bad mood. Good for me, so there it sits in my saved profile. In other news: I just finished our budget for the year. If we start eating mac and cheese four nights a week now we can do IVF, have a few weekender VK's over the summer and go to Hawaii. Okay I am being over dramatic. We're in good shape for the most part. Flipping back through last years worksheets had me notice that we owe "the man" four thousand dollars less than we did last year. LOL - I am not sure if that is something to cheer about or cry about. I am cheering. We also increased our savings hugely this year thanks to better IRA's and an TSP (like a 401k) increase. We didn't make much in 2010 but apparently we weren't as haphazard as I feared. We did get a little sloppy over the summer with 101 vacations, even if we did save for them. Oh Well - on to the new year!

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