Sunday, January 23, 2011

Off The Sauce

It has only taken a week, more or less to get off the caffeine in Diet Coke. For a few days I took Excedrin and for a few after that Tylenol and alas, I am onto an equally disturbing amount of Caffeine Free Diet Coke. Coffee is another story. Is two cups all that harmful? Probably not. Plus even if I have to give it up during IVF it isn't like that will cause major headaches.

So, speaking of IVF: Apparently it is a secret. How flipping annoying is that? I hate secrets. They cause me immense amounts of stress and worry. Apparently my dear husband completely didn't hear me the dozen or so times I said I wasn't keeping it a secret. It came up after I told him I told my dad when I talked to him. S got really upset, stressed, worries, almost angry over it. We talked about it some last night but I couldn't keep 'beating a dead horse'.I thought I was going to hurl right then and there. I don't want to go through the emotions of all this before we even get to it. I can't take it. In the end our compromise is one neither of us like, sadly we just don't have time to talk it over. No, not being over dramatic. The topic came up last night and by the time C went to bed we were almost out of time ourselves, as S had to get up at 5:30 so we could take him to the airport. He'll be back Wednesday. So maybe then we can revisit the whole deal.

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Becca said...

I think keeping it a secret will produce more strees that you don't need. I don't mean go out and shout it from the roof tops, but if you need the support of family and a few choice friends, by all means you should be able to have someone to go to. S is not always there, your Dad might be the shoulder you need. You know who will be receptive and who will be conterproductive and your choices are good ones. I have started this prayer routine for you where I picture the whole thing smooth and peaceful with a happy ending. I hope S and you will see eye to eye, I think you will be able to. He might just need some adjustment time and have his feelings heard. Luv ya!!!