Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Kid = Funny

I was helping C get ready for scouts [after a rousing dance off in which my son rocked! LOL. Both of us were pretty wound up] and I asked him where his uniform shirt was. It was right in front of me. He starts giggling and says "Maybe you need to see Uncle Ferris". Ferris is an eye doctor, and I swear I don't even know how he put that joke together, it isn't like we talk about him in that respect. Too funny.So once I got him all decked out in Scout Gear we headed downstairs to calm down and read a book before his meeting.

C was doing so great reading his new Star Wars book to me ... until he was trying to read the word BODY and instead said BOODY. We were hysterical. A few minutes later he did it again, saying Boody Armor instead of body armor. We were almost crying.

So after the whole Boody Armor deal we really had the giggles. Then I got my serious mom face on and said to C "We really need to pick something to do that helps us stay quiet so that you are calm and ready for Scouts tonight" He was still laughing and saying Boody over and over. So I repeated myself and said "C can you think of something that will help us stay quiet" and he replied without skipping a breath "Duct Tape?" Again we were both hysterical. I had tears running down my cheeks.

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Becca said...

Oh Man! I was laughing just reading this! I love when you and C have these awesome fun moments. I am also SO happy that things sound like they are turning around for C and school. Sounds like since you have been home from vacation he has been so positive, I hope you are feeling better. Does he like scouts?