Wednesday, January 12, 2011


S and I have 100 what ifs going on. Here are the major 'up in the air' components:

  •  His contract for this assignment is up in February of 2012
  • Our lease is up in August of 2011
  • His military enlistment is on until January 2014
  • My prospects of landing a very good government job are still out there and recently I heard a brief "you're still in the running"
  • IVF is in DC it isn't available to everyone, it isn't an option at other locations for the Air Force
  • S could volunteer to go to Korea next year, that would keep us here and then he could chose his follow on as VA, DC, or MD to keep us here a few more years (only if I land said job) 
We feel like we are juggling and at any moment could drop everything. In real life here is what could happen.
  • S could get orders as early as October
  • Our lease might not be renewed 
  • IVF might not work and then we won't have time to save up the money for the next cycle before we get orders
  • IVF might work and then what do I do if I get said job?
  • Said job may not happen
Blah, blah, trust in God. I got it. It is just hard to see the forest through the trees some days. 

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Becca said...

I can't imagine living with all that uncertinty! I know that I like where you are living now, your house is so cute and you are only about a days drive from me.
It must be so hard to have very little control over where you are going, to have so many things up in the air that effect your personal life. Hang in there. We are all here to love and suppurt you, just like you always do for me! Looks like you have alot on your plate right now, try not to make any hard and fast decisions or assumptions. Deep breaths my friend! (and wow, I am getting outbid on all the purses!) :)