Thursday, January 20, 2011


I have spelled out this fault of mine in the past. No, I am not a clutter junkie. I don't save garbage or collect mementos from every outing; I hoard $$$ in strange places. It isn't ever all that much and it is normally accounted for somewhere on some spreadsheet (NERD!) somewhere, but I forget about it. For example, there is two hundred dollars in a random saving account down the street. There is about the same amount in quarters under S's night stand and maybe 50 or more in my piggy bank. Then there is Paypal. I constantly sell stuff and then forget to transfer the profits over to my bank account. I am actually afraid to keep savings all in one place. Weather realistic or not, I fear that if it is all together we could A. be the victim of some sort of scam or mishap and B. I would justify using it for a vacation. The later is obviously the most likely. 

S and I took some time over the last weekend to talk in depth about IVF and the cost ; emotionally, physically, and monetarily. Just like last time, we are focusing on the later because it is easier. Honesty at it's best. We are ready for the emotions of it all; as best we can be. Physically, yup I'm in. Chin up and all that jazz. So anyway back to the big money plan. :D 

We know we can come up with at least a grand in the next six weeks if we really try. Hopefully all the piggy banks and weird nominal savings will just be icing on top of that cake. For starters Smoking Grandma gave us a hundred bucks for Christmas - boom 1/10th of the way there! I can sell, sell, sell on line. We have some random rebates coming in too from our insurance and purchases. Although the norm these days is to get rebates in the form of gift cards. On top of all this S will be traveling a few more times between now and IVF payment day which will profit us a few hundred dollars, or so we hope. 

So does anyone want to buy a Ritz cracker with the impression of Mary on it? How about a old scrap pile of wood? Or maybe just a bunch of old pennies? Maybe I can run a name our baby contest? LOL. I might be crazy. One thing is for sure, I am selling C's old V-Tech system. We have so many games and additional components that were never really used.

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Jamie said...

I know God will provide the money for you but yikes- a short time to come up with that! I'm so happy you're ready to try again and am praying, praying, praying!!!