Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Weekender

Is there a darn rule saying that couples must fight and make up every weekend? Yesterday I was ready to kick S in the shins for being such a stinking man. Eventually we had to just move on and be happy. We ended up going to church and then braved the crowds at Olive Garden. Well worth the wait. Our soup and salad were so good that we forgot we were bickering and just had a nice time. Too bad we aren't the types for make up sex, or the night really could have ended with a bang.

Today has been very laid back, practically in a literal sense, as I haven't been out of bed for more than 20 minutes and that was only to make my self a breakfast bowl of pasta. S said I needed a break and I didn't argue. I've watched hours of "The Nanny" and have started on "Sex in the City". My taste is so bad. I am okay with that :D.

S and C have headed out to lunch and "guy stuff" and told me to be ready for pick up around 2:00 for a movie over at the Army Base. So that should be fun. Family togetherness at its best. I think I might actually get out of bed and get dressed so that I can pack my "Movie Pocketbook" for the show.

Despite all the sloth like behavior I was actually productive yesterday. C and I were up early and went to get S's car inspected for him and then registered it in VA. Believe it or not we'd been in VA for over a year and still didn't get that taken care of. Military does get a bit of a pass with that stuff but it is confusing. Anyway we got a renewal registration notice for DC and is / was due tomorrow so on Friday - to be on the safe side I logged into their site online to pay the bill and instead of being able to send them the 115 bucks they bounced back an error message saying that because S doesn't have a DC license and the registration cannot be renewed. Huh? Boy we're we surprised. So we called our insurance company  and asked for help and as it turns out VA is so much cheaper and for a little leg work on Saturday we could save some big money, inspection, registration and insurance were all cheaper. So C and I managed to get it all done. Savings: over 200.00 a year! Plus we raised our coverage on our insurances. Amazing.

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