Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Let's Play!

Yesterday C and I went swimming over at the community center. We had such a good time. The pool was pretty empty and we were able to have to shallow end to ourselves most of the time. I was so happy to see how much stronger C is as a swimmer. He's always been a fish in water - no question there - he basically taught himself to swim at age 3 - but without much practice he was swimming across the pool the long ways without stopping, something he couldn't do over the summer. After our paid hour was up we headed home, wet hair and all to our warm cozy house. 

Today I think I am going to take him ice skating. There is a program that runs in Ashburn called CheapSkates at the ice rink. The admission is knocked down to six bucks and skate rental is free. Normally the cost is 19.00 for the two of us to go, so 12.00 is looking pretty welcoming. Weather permitting we'll be hitting the ice later this afternoon. 

More snow and ice are suppose to hit tonight and the idea of him actaully going back to school is threatened. I love hanging out with C on a snow day here and there. But after seven days I am running out of 'fun mommy' things to do. This morning we were up at six and by seven we were playing board games. It is now just reaching nine and C has already played outside, watched Batman, played toys, played with the dog, cleaned his room, had forty million snacks, and is wondering when I am going to play more. LOL - I think I am going to have him run some errands with me and maybe we'll head over to the library for a spell - if the roads are clear. (icy rain last night) Until then I have been summoned to help build another fort and have a dance off.

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Becca B said...

I feel your pain!! Last week we had one day of school, so far it looks like the same for this week. I am out of things to do with them and going tottaly stir crazy! There has to be an end to the snow. Today I lost it in the morning and blew up, I seem to have no patience left. UGG..glad you and C are having fun. If we lived near each other we could get the boys together :)