Saturday, February 26, 2011

Just a Few Thoughts

We have been talking a lot lately about our future. 2011-2012 is sure to be a test. S's contract is up in one year and orders can come anytime. He works with a few individuals who are in the same boat only ahead of him a few months -  they haven't yet got orders - so he has somewhat of a gauge. Furthermore our lease is up in August and we are trying to have a baby. However one ball that had been flying around our juggling arena has dropped - I was notified today that I was not selected for the government job I had interviewed for 5 months ago. They sure waited a long time to say "no thanks". This isn't great news but really I am more relieved than anything,  now at least S can look for a better assignment without as he says "pigeon holing" himself to this area. So we are open for anything. Plus I am really happy about working at the new hospital. I start on Tuesday. :D

In other news: I won't be blogging much in the up coming weeks. I have opted to give up social  internet media for Lent. And yes that would include Facebook. I wonder if I will find I have more free time or just fill it up with other nonsense. LOL - a true experiment. You know because if I am not stalking my friends every thoughts what will I do with my time? Ha, ha.

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Jamie said...

Maybe you'll read more trashy novels? LOL JUST KIDDING! Well, YOU get orders and we'll see if there's an opening where your at and maybe we'll end up together ;) Z still really would like to go to San Antonio, but I don't really want to. We're both kinda hoping for Arizona. I'll miss reading your blog posts! Guess that means more phone calls- I'll need them after Z's gone!