Wednesday, February 23, 2011

IVF Updates

I spoke with Nicole at the IVF office yesterday. She gave me some great news; the cycle has been extended and working around S's two week TDY is possible! We were so worried, the dates originally over lapped. The next hurtle in the timing is my new job. 

It occurs to me that I haven't really blogged about the job. Last week I got a call from a different fertility clinic (how ironic!) offering me the part time job I had interviewed and volunteered for a few weeks back. I start training next week! I am very excited. But with all the excitement comes the realization that making the new job line up with my 'active' patient status as an IVF participant at a different hospital might be a problem. The issues: I cannot miss work as it is only every other weekend and the hours are the same as my IVF clinic are open. and I cannot miss IVF appointments. So my hope is that I will be able to schedule around my job. I think that if I simply explain my situation to my doctors they will do what they can to help. If the dates are set in stone I am sure I can talk with the office manager at the new job - again the irony.

Today I am going to my local bank and cashing out the account. Later this week our tax return is due. Earlier in the week I transferred money from our VK / Emergency account. Hopefully by weeks end I can add all the funds together and pay the impending $6018.00 bill. As noted before after seeing what non-military pays after my volunteer hours I am happy to pay!

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Becca B said...

Praying for you already!! its so ironic how the job and the IVF cycle came up at once, seems like we wait and wait and than things happen all at once. Positive thoughts and all the best my friend!!!