Saturday, February 19, 2011

It Appears

Facebook is annoying. I am actually on it less and less these days as I move past the "I want to know what you are doing every minute of everyday" phase. As I say less and less, know that means I am down to a few times a day. I changed it from my home page and permanently logged out so that every time I visit the site I have to relog my user name and password - it is actually a pain to type my email and an eight letter password - SO LAZY! Regardless, as I was saying it is annoying. I almost feel like I have nothing to talk about because it is all on Facebook. To call up and ask a friend "how are you?" seems like a farce - I already know the answer - either life sucks and they're just trying to get through the day or life is so good they must post that they are in day X of potty training their youngest and so and so it in big girl panties with only one "boo-boo". Yeah - really it's been posted.  Furthermore it is a narcissistic endeavour that preys upon my love of myself and the need to be 'liked' or commented upon. Yup, apparently I am that lame. Case in point my post today (in short) " Cub scouts, a play, and M is coming to visit -yeah!" translation, I am the best mom ever and everyone who is anyone comes to visit me!

It appears that I am that ridiculous. My next post if I should grace the others with the fortune of friending me "I am sooooo important". And where does this all come from? A realization, an epiphany, an A-ha moment? Nope - just self loathing at its best. Keeps me grounded right? Not really. I suppose a blog offers the most narcissism. After all I can post openly to the whole world - and the whole world can comment  -or not. 

I wonder what 'ol Jesus would think of all this. Do you think in ancient times he spent his days knowing that the internet would consume so much of my time? Probably, after all he knew how many hairs would be on my head before I was born. 

I wonder what would happen if I didn't browse blogs and Face book for awhile? What if I just checked my email in the afternoon for bill and job info? Hmmm, Lent is coming up. What if I didn't post for 40 days and 40 nights? Just responsibility/ obligatory web use - bills and directions? A media nix? A total famine of www and http? Apparently I am having my epiphany now. A-HA! 


Jamie said...

You go girl!!! I spend too much time online and REALLY need to cut back! I almost wish we didn't have internet at home, however with homeschooling and many bills online we kinda 'need' it.

Becca B said...

Call me!! :) There is a lot I have not been posting :) I have kind of been thinking the same thing