Wednesday, February 2, 2011

And She Forgot ...

How is it possible I forgot to mention I have an interview today? IDK. Anyway, I have an interview in a few hours at a local hospital. The job is for a intake rep on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Those are the only hours I am really available for, so the fit would be nice. However the job is in Rockville, MD. Which is about 40 minutes away, on the weekend with no traffic. 40 minutes isn't too far - I was just hoping for something local. But let's face it, with only 10 hours available a week and only certain hours on the weekend, the part time jobs aren't exactly loving me. So, we'll see. I am optimistic but also a little worried. With all C's time off I feel like I haven't even had time to think about the interview, brush up on the newest health care laws, or even dye my hair the right color. Three tones going on here: Brown, dark brown, and lots of GRAY. Oh well, hopefully I can hide the gray with a french braid. Good times. :D

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