Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Shadow Me Baby

So, my interview was interesting. I charmed them of course. The next step is for me to go in for a few hours and shadow someone. The idea is to see if I like the job. If I do, then we talk money, scheduling, and the likes. Or so I think. The women I interviewed with were most likely my age give or take a few years and very personable. As I was leaving the HR rep said that she would contact me this afternoon and let me know the exact date / time of shadowing. So, we'll see. One better perk - the actual job is in Annandale not Rockville, like I originally thought. Good times. Hopefully good details to follow, either that or some juicy stories :D

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Becca said...

Awesome!! So happy for you. I could use another job myself. (In addition to the one I already have, or the two if you count motherhood)But I will fil you in on that later. Are you excited? Or is it a ho hum. Working will be good. On perk is that you get to talk to people other than kids on a regular basis. Is Annadale closer? Can't wait to read the stories that come out of this one ;) LOL