Sunday, February 13, 2011


Yesterday I finished our taxes. Amazingly enough it wasn't too bad. The best part is we are getting a larger refund than expected. So much larger that we are going to use it for IVF instead of borrowing from our retirement account. We've managed to save quite a bit in cash and with the refund it looks like we will only need about 500 more. So we are pretty thrilled in that department. Plus after working in the clinic yesterday (a fertility clinic) and seeing what non military pay I feel pretty lucky and blessed!

In other news; I had a migraine earlier today. Horrible. So bad that I almost ended up in the ER. Fortunately I was able to double the migraine meds and take Excedrin at the same time. Eventually I was able to move without constant pounding, it got a little better after that and I was able to sit up and if I stayed still the pounding subsided. Now it has been a few hours of TV and Internet and I am fine. I am not sure how people function with those headaches - I know there is no way I could even blink without excruciating pain. Hopefully it doesn't come back as strong, otherwise it is off to the ER - no hesitation.

Despite the migraine the weekend has been nice - no weekender, as in the past two! Plus we've had a lot of family time. Last night we had a fire and watched the newest Veggie Tales movie, super cute. We also went to the mall for awhile and managed to play a few games. It really has been an enjoyable weekend overall.


Becca B said...

I think I messed up. I have not filed yet, but it looks like we owe the state money and we are getting crap back from the federal. We took a huge hit from unemployment. Other than that...I feel your migraine pain, every day for weeks, I just want to sleep all day. Ahhh..good luck with the job...excited for you :)

Kim said...

Great news that you are getting a big chunk of $ back. How wonderful that it happened to be just about enough for your IVF. Uggh migraines, I thnakfully never had a migraine, but my mom gets them and they just knock her down, she throws up and all.

Jamie said...

Yeah that's soooo awesome you'll get enough money back to cover most of IVF! God is SO good!!! How did you like working at the clinic anyway? Such a bummer about the headaches. Sounds like a pretty good weekend though!