Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pity Party Canceled

So, I have generally been in a bad mood (on and off) for a solid week. What the heck is wrong with me? Well, the laundry list could continue but quite frankly I am tired of hearing myself bitch. Life is complicated and I have chosen to be upset about the smallest details and pitfalls so I don't have to deal with big picture sort of stuff. WHO ME? YEAH, I DO THAT. Shocking isn't it?

Things to be in a better mood about:
  • Yesterday C and I went to Chuck-E-Cheese, just because, it wasn't crowded and we had left over tokens from last time we were there so it didn't cost us a thing. We both rocked at ski-ball
  • Last night the whole family piled into our bed to watch Jeapardy and Wheel of Fortune, half way through Jeopardy we gave up because our physco dog wanted to play and kept jumping up and jumping down and barking at us, we were are laughing and joking that daddy should have been wearing some protective gear. Poor guy. 
  • This morning I played with Maggie out side while I talked to my mom. I love my mom.
  • Today I am going to do some shopping for the house and refrigerator. MEATLOAF FOR DINNER! YUMMO!
  • I am laughing at myself about the excitement over meatloaf. 
  • My soap has gotten even crazier and I cannot wait to watch yesterday's episode. Last week was PHENOM! LOL. Seriously, they "made" a twin out of a bad guy and swapped him with the good guy.
  • I have NO Dirty Laundry and nothing on my "I should really was that" list. All the comforters, all the sheets, all the TV blankets, all the curtains - they are all clean :)
  • I have NO dishes to do, none in the sink, none in the dishwasher - everything is clean and put away.
  • C requested a 'just us day' after school. He has instructed me to be ready for serious Lego action. I can't wait.

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Becca B said...

I love meatloaf!!!! Love this post, all the positives. Makes me feel bad about the email I just sent you lol :)