Monday, February 21, 2011

Real Life

We had a fun family weekend. Poor S was so sick, yet he just kept surprising us with how willing he was to push through it and join us for family fun. We all went to a cub scouts meeting / tour on Friday night, and instead of leaving S at home to recover we went to the play on Saturday instead - that way we all could go. It was so cute - the high-schoolers did a great job and C just loved it. The Magician was played by a very talented young man and it just made the show. We all managed to have full days filled with happy times.

Yesterday the three of us managed to do a little shopping, play outside for quite awhile; tossing an old football around, and play a few rounds of Rock Band together. It was quite a nice day, filled with family time and plenty of non-media downtime. I've been on a tyrant about that over the past few days. Somehow my rule, of one  free hour of TV or Video games for C a day has become an hour before school and an hour after plus! Needless to say I was a stickler yesterday and it really paid off. We were able to enjoy each other and have fun. Granted Rock Band is media - but I figured it was activity based and all of us could play at the same time. C did the drums at first but then totally rocked the microphone. He is a good singer in general but what really surprised me was his ability to read the lyrics! I was so excited for him.

I love our little family. Skunky dog and all. Sometimes, just sometimes I wonder if it does so happen that it stays just us if that is okay, because when things are good - they are just so good, I can't imagine anything topping it.


Jamie said...

Aaaahhh so glad you had an enjoyable weekend! Love your last little paragraph. God knows. It's so hard to be content and yet you're finding your contentment...yeah! Love ya!

Becca B said...

I agree with Jamie, love that last paragraph. I so want to find that contentment in my life. You are an awesome mom and wife and friend! God will always bless you!