Friday, February 25, 2011

The Big Day

Tax refund came through at Midnight! We can pay today. I cannot believe how much money we were able to come up with without borrowing a cent. God is good. A friend of mine even made a comment earlier that that sure is a lot of money needed in a short time but she'd be praying for us. Amazing. There is just no way we did that on our own! We actaully came up with more and are able to put a little money back into our VK / Emergency fund.

In other TMI / IVF news; they have me on birth control and my body hates it! My period has lasted 9 days so far and there is no 'end' in sight. The same thing happened last time. I remembered that after a week of normal things got stringy and spotty - no exactly pad worthy, just pantyliner sort of stuff. (I said TMI) Anyway, on a hunch I went through my medicine cabinet, I thought there might be an old pack of pills in there from my last IVF cycle but I didn't think it was the same because the pack was different. Sure enough though on the top shelf in the back was a little white pack, the new ones are in a pink pack, and they are the same brand. I am going to have to call the nurses and get a different brand. I am worried. Last time this all ended only days before the egg transfer and started up again afterwords, and that was bad - really bad.

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Jamie said...

Whew, what a mess! Praying for you! That's wonderful how God provided the money- He is SO good!