Friday, February 18, 2011


WOW, what a week. Up and down and all around. The three of us were fighting off colds. I got it the least, with just a few aches and pains, C just had a cough, And S got all the symptoms and has pretty much gone straight to bed when he's gotten home from work for the past few days. Poor guy. Sickness on top of headaches, a messier than normal house,the dog getting sprayed by a skunk, AGAIN, IVF drama and the everyday stresses of our lives have rendered this week, one we will leave out of the history books.

Despite the prelude our spirits are high. Tonight C's cub scout den is having a tour of the local police station and we are planning on going to see the play Alladin after that as a family. So the weekend is looking promising. 

Also, I have been avoiding the fact that I have gained 12 pounds since I started taking the Thyroid medicine. At first my Thyroid was too high at 3.8 and now it is almost too low at .7; but the normal range is .7-3.76, my body loves medicine - no kidding, it loves it too much. Especially altering drugs; like hormones, steroids, or anything meant to change your normal body process. Anyway, I complained to the IVF nurse and she agreed to retest me and talk with the MD about switching my dose. However, this is delaying IVF even more. Furthermore, this week I laid off the carbs and lost a few pounds of that 12, but seriously, I can't live without them forever! So unfair. However, I just keep thinking we are getting delayed for the right reasons and the better overall health I am in the better, so I am not angry or anything, just a little bummed out that I am the reason we aren't moving forward with IVF as quickly as we'd like.

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