Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Smart


I had no idea what this meant. T and I went into DC today and got lost in the main Art Gallery for a few hours. I kept seeing these signs that said Flemish and was so clueless. Apparently I am not as cultured as I thought. LOL -according to the ol' internet it is Flanders or Dutch. That would make sense, considering the room we were in. 

But I did at least start off on a good note and managed to score a free parking spot in DC. Imagine that! So glad I opted to drive in instead of taking the subway. The subway is just so darn expensive. 6.50 to park! 3.60 each way to ride the train! I figured even if I paid 15.00 for a parking garage I'd at least have my car and the trip would take less time.

Anyway the trip was nice. It was a little strange being there without four kids, her three and my one, pulling on our coats, running through the hall, asking questions, and overall being the cutest kids who also happen to be the loudest with us :D And what did we do most of the time? Talk about our kids.

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Becca B said...

Glad you and T had a day to yourselfs. Isn't that always the way though, we plan time without our kids and spend the whole time misssing them and bragging about them. Free spot in DC? Sweet! And I had no idea what Flemish was! Would love to go to the art gallery