Tuesday, April 13, 2010

25 Things

You may or may not know the following, some I may have just realized. (ha, ha)

1. My favorite color is blue
2. I met my husband in High School
3. I love big dogs
4. I am scared of cats
5. I love word games but suck at logic games
6. I have a box of clothes that are way too small
7. I like going to church on Sunday
8. I like fall and spring the best
9. Shopping at thrift stores is fun for me
10. I trust everyone the first time I meet them
11. I like when my friends are more outgoing than me
12. I haven’t ever fought with a friend
13. I talk to my mom everyday our schedules allow
14. I call my dad every weekend
15. I love to play slot machines and bet on the ponies
16. I can not sing well or dance, I love to do both
17. I love to read trashy books and best sellers, trashy bestsellers are the best – Dark Lover is next
18. I exercise a ton, I eat way more than a normal person :P)
19. I like sheets that are no less than a 300 thread count. I prefer a 400 to a 600. 600’s get a little heavy
20. I cannot sleep without a comforter, a sheet doesn’t offer enough weight, I prefer my down blanket – I sometimes bring it on vacation with me. I hate hotel sheets and blankets
21. I love my family
22. I am a good driver, especially on Sundays
23. I cannot memorize a phone book
24. I wonder why the still make phone books? We burn ours.
25. I wish I had the super human power to manipulate inanimate objects, Will Ferrell wishes he could puke on command.


Anonymous said...

You make me laugh. I too can not memorize a phone book, and met my husband in high school. I really don't like to talk on the phone, unless the person is one of my best friends, and I love that I now have unlimited text. I love not working full time, and I love being a mom. But I hate picking up after my pets when they mess, and that is a daily basis. One more thing.....I hate when my house is dirty!

Kim said...

well, didnt know you're scared of cats, what's the reason. Im curious. wow I dont even know anything about thread counts, I guess if the sheets are pretty I buy them...lol

I am OK said...

LOL - S.D.'s cat in Minot bit me. Before that I was leary but always petted them anyway - but since then - I just can't read them.

Jamie said...

Oohhh SD's cat could be vicious! I don't like cats either, I think the world could do without them :) You crack me up!