Wednesday, April 7, 2010

You Suck

An Open Letter to You Know Who:

Dear You Know Who You Are:

Let me just tell you, and my entire five person audience, You SUCK. Your sense of Christianity is wicked. And I don't mean wicked like, wicked, I mean wicked like you big fat asshole heretic evil trolls wicked. So there.

And just so we are clear, you are not nice. Because you are not nice, I am certainly not being nice. Your wickedness is fucking rubbing off on me! I hate it. I don't want to be near you anymore. It makes me a complaining, angry, annoying, bitch. So thanks.

Just in case you are a little confused here are the highlights:

•Not sitting with Grandma and Grandpa during mass on Easter was disrespectful, embarrassing, and heartbreaking.

•Saying that another grandparent has “nothing to live for and should just die” made me cry. I am getting teary eyed now just thinking about it. Also saying it three different times in two days while trying to get me to agree was a series of horrid conversations.

•Pretending that we are the best family in the whole wide world and do nothing that is wrong, or slightly selfish, or anything but your idea of perfect makes me want to fucking puke.

•And just to be petty and rude – I was pissed off that you allowed C to wear a T-Shirt to church on Easter after I bought him a new shirt! Luckily, I am nicer that you and let it go. But now since it is obvious that your wickedness has rubbed off on me I have opted to just bitch about stupid crap.

•I almost missed out on the joy of Easter and family by allowing you to behave this way. I had a horrible attitude while visiting with my own family and almost missed out on the best holiday of the year. Fortunately my family wouldn’t let someone sulk. I was reigned in to a full contact Wiffle Ball game that rocked. My sister hid eggs for all the kids to find, we took tons of goofy pictures, played cards, enjoyed a great meal, watched the Sox, and everyone had fun – there was no bad vibes, no ill talk of anyone else, and smiles all around. Because in case you didn’t know – I have an awesome family, one that I would sit with at church even if it meant lightning would strike!

•You're just assholes and you make me sad. I don’t want to play anymore.

I can no longer put efforts other than prayer into this relationship. I don't want to be throwing stones in a glass house. I've said my piece and am not going to wallow in this pathetic state of mind. You are part of our family. Somehow I will learn to celebrate the good and let the less desirable fall to the side. However it is painfully obvious that we cannot learn this honor by watching you because as proved: You suck!


The girl who is attempting the high road after calling you names and being a bitch.


Kim said...

Yikes!!! You sound really mad. Hope everything will be ok

I hope life can only get better said...

Love you! From one sucky Easter goer to another, my suck was differant, but suck none the less. I guess I could have let it go....we all have those moments