Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Hunny Factor

So, you know how I said we don't do projects together? HAH! Well apparently we cannot do them apart either. My dear loving husband seemed to freak out because I wanted to sell our old VHS tapes. Seriously, we don't even have a VCR, unless you count the one in C's room that is built into his 13" TV. Next I ask about all these computer games I found in an unpacked tote under our desk, S's answer "Well how much would you sell them for?" My response "Like a buck, they aren't even compatible with Vista and the most recent one is 2004." Needless to say, now he wants to go through them. So then I ask him about his Starting Lineups. These things are pure crap and take up three totes, one of which is XL. I knew he wouldn't trust me on that one before I even asked. For crying out loud, how hard is it. "Hey can I just buy one?" "No, I am sorry my husband paid way TOO much for these umpteen years ago and now has to keep them as a set so he can recoup at least 1/8th of the original price." ..."Excuse me hot lady (that would be me) can I offer you 100 for them?" "Sorry, my husband is too stubborn, but you can go to the Goodwill this time next year. That is where I am going to put them if they are still taking up room in my guest room and our bedroom." And lastly "Hey sexy (also me) are you taken?" "Yes, to a man that loves starting lineups and tons of shit but, he has great taste in women. Thanks though."


Kim said...

LOL you shouldnt of said anything. Oh my goodness VHS tapes. That is so funny to think of since they are practically obsolete(SPELLING). Jalynn wanted to borrow a VHS tape the other day from the library and I told her we dont even own a VCR player anymore, I thought to myself Im sure no one really owns one since DVD and bluray have taking over. Funny how times and technology change. Whats this was there a guy for real calling you hot lady and sexy. I would of said excuse me Im married, but that is too funny too, AT least you know you look good.

I am OK said...

LOL - no I was just saying hypothetically if someone asked me to sell them I'd have the ability to say no.