Friday, April 30, 2010

Life is Good?

I am borderline crazy today. First, my day started out well but a few happenings unnerved me. Details are not needed, but still, I stand uneasy. I did a whole bunch of stuff to busy myself and keep my mind occupied with good things, but still other thoughts crept in. Such as, life is a lot harder than it is suppose to be because I make it that way. Vague, I know.

Taking a break from F/B and blogging. It takes up too much time, time I could use to focus on other things. Also, I have postponed the idea of a yard sale. I don't have the fight in me or the ability to "do it all".

BRJ is coming over for the weekend. I can't wait. Babysitter tomorrow night and a girls night out. Much needed R&R.

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