Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Check Please

Yesterday was sort of crazy. C got in trouble at school, sort of, it is a long stupid story. In short: Two kids goofing around in line, one being C, they get separated and go on with their day. Later the second kid complains of feeling sick and goes to the nurse, tells the nurse he was punched in the stomach by C. Nurse reports to office and C gets hauled out of class. In the end the VP said there was no harm done, the kids were just being kids. But still -this took me hours to find out. I was pretty mad. The school should have called me when C went to the office. That is their policy.

In other news my mother had hand surgery yesterday. I was more worried about her than I thought I'd be. But for no reason, she is fine and is already feeling better than she did before the operation. Praises.

After school I took C over to the playground. There was a nice lady there watching her grandson. I ended up talking with her for about an hour while the kids played and agreed to meet her back their today. She is visiting from AL while her son is in Germany looking at houses. He and his family are moving soon. But he got stuck there because of all the volcanic ash, so in turn she is stuck here babysitting. There was no doubt that she is at the end of her rope. She was so happy to have a grown up to talk to. LOL - actaully so was I. I hate the playground.

Oh well, that is it for my boring updates. I'm off to my gym class. I am looking forward to working on my shoulders. My left one is so stiff from sleeping funny the other day.

On a side note, I am sitting on my Yoga ball. I sort of love this thing.

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Kim said...

Glad to hear your moms hand is doing better and she is recovering well. I wish I had an adult to talk too. My kids are driving me insane.