Monday, April 19, 2010

5:54 am

I had this weird dream this morning. I dreamed that M, my sister, and I were shopping for fancy dresses. I found one that I loved, tried it on, and bought it. The next day I was getting ready for an event and went to put the dress on but it was WAY too small. The receipt said that all returns would only be accepted until 1:00 am on the day of purchase. M was crying because she felt responsible, thinking maybe she switched the dress with another when she was holding it for me. I was crying thinking I was out over a 100 dollars. Then I woke up. I looked at the clock, 5:54, and tried to go back to sleep. But instead I just laid there and tried to remember if I really did try the dress on or not. I kept hoping I would fall back asleep and finish the dream but instead I just kept analyzing it. It was really strange, who care about a dress, who cares if I really tried it on or not. And really, I have been out a 100 dollars for things in the past, that is what Ebay is for. Why were M and I crying? Why did I even care? Who knows, maybe because I ate so much junk yesterday and was sort of sick over it (both mentally and physically)?

C and I went out to breakfast, and I ordered Strawberry french toast. I didn't read the description just thought it looked good. It had strawberry cream cheese filled quarters with strawberries and whip cream. I don't like whip cream, and forgot to ask for none. When I got it, the cream cheese was actually this icing crap and the strawberries were in a sauce and the whip cream was covering ICE CREAM! I tried to eat it, but just thinking of it made me ill. It was so sweet and gross. In the end I ate one full piece of bread and a few strawberries plus a few bites of strawberry ice cream just to get the taste of the french toast out of my mouth. I swear I feel sick just thinking of it. C got Candy Cakes, we thought they were two pancakes with a little whip cream and a table spoon of M&M's on top, but when he got it that had ice cream too! When did ice cream and super sweets become breakfast food?

To top it off later we shared a large fry at McDonald's and two plain hamburgers. Then at night I had fat free ice cream. Not so fat free if you eat two / three scoops. I was so sick over the breakfast, the fries, and the idea of it all when I went to sleep - that must be where the dream came from. At least I got a really good work out in. But really I am feeling so sluggish this morning from all that gross food. Salad and Veggies anyone?

I am going to get in two workouts today. I have a biggest looser video that I loath ... I swear it is getting dusty, I suppose today would be good for that. Actually I have two, one Jillian and one Bob. I cannot get through the Bob one. Believe it or no Jillian's is easier for me.

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