Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Retail Therapy

My shopping experience totally paid off. I feel so much better all around for the following reasons:

1. I got an apology from the school and a detailed promised of how they are going to prevent this in the future.

2. I bought nothing that was over a size 12. Several things I tried on I had to go back for something smaller!

3. I bought shoes

4. I bought more shoes

5. I realized I am so worth it, that is approximately 163.00 worth it :P)

6. I kicked butt in my exercise class today and totally rocked reverse sit up for the first time ever! Also, my spandex-ie capris that I wear there are no longer stretching, they are loose!

7. After everything I got to talk to one of my BFF's - so I am pretty happy

.... A few minutes later ....

I paused my entry to walk down to the bus stop. When the kids met me there was one missing! I asked his sister, where is your brother? I thought she was going to burst into tears when she explained that she didn't know. I had her come to my house and call her mom right away. Turns out her brother was in the office and they tried to catch his sister before she got on the bus but missed her. They were trying to tell her that he mom was on the way to pick them both up. What is going on at that school? Good grief. They should have called A to the office (the sister). That poor kid was so worried about her little brother.

8. Super thankful it wasn't my kid who had the rough day! Also we made it the entire day without a call from the nurse or the principle for behavior.

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I hope life can only get better said...

I thnk that school is cluless. So glad C had an uneventful day, I bet your neighbor was glad you were at the bus stop. That poor little girl!