Thursday, April 15, 2010

And I Don't Drink

Last night I went upstairs around 10:00 and took a long hot bath. That is where my memory ends. I woke this morning with a towel still around my head and my body tucked in snugly on my side of the bed. To my surprise both legs are shaved - so I suppose I am good. Most likely I fell asleep in the bathtub. This is another note of non-interest that could go on my list of Jamie facts: I take after my father, and my Pop-pop, I love a hot bath and can fall asleep in there for hours.

In other news: S in in Alabama. He has been gone a whole three days and I miss him terribly. I have gotten to talk to him a lot but unfortunately we've spent a good portion of that time talking about things he needs for the class and things he forgot. He didn't bring school supplies ... to a school. He didn't figure he needed a real computer, but really he does. Our laptop is just a 200 dollar wonder and we only use it to have internet access. Apparently he needs Word - which we have on disc never opened, so that was an easy one to send him. But then he needs dress clothes, which he didn't bring, for some dance / social they have to attend. Annoying - the whole deal makes me want to drink. (not really)


Jamie said...

Wow, what a pain! Don't ya just love when you gotta mail them stuff they forgot! Don't they get a list of what they need to bring? Grrrr. Men!

Kim said...

What a big pain in the butt. Thats stupid they need all that stuff. Jess is suppose to go to that class in June. He was suppose to go last Sept. but it got canceled, and before he knew it was canceled he went out and bought a new laptop for it. Well at least we know he's got that off the list