Thursday, April 22, 2010

Last Night Vs. Morning

A prayer I uttered last night before bed:

... and thank you for the opportunity to teach C that staying home from school isn't the way to get fun attention from mom and helping me with my resolve to strong .... And Lord, thank you for removing the majority of my nightmares, I have been sleeping through the night for over a week without waking up and haven't had a nightmare in a four or five days....

This morning:

2:00 woke up with the house alarm going off after the electricity flickered in a storm

2:20 happened again

3:00 woke up with horrid nightmare, four dead bodies in the house and I knew we killed them!

5:00 alarm again

7:00 "Mommy, I have a tummy ache can I stay home again?"

So here I am forty minutes later, and I seriously didn't know what to do, that is until I read a comment from friend. So kiddo - if you don't have a fever and your not throwing up you are SO GOING TO SCHOOL!

A prayer I uttered this morning

... Thank you lord, for helping me fall back asleep each time I was awakened last night, thank you for keeping C sound asleep while the alarms went went, and for my friends who are always close. And can you please explain the dead body deal? Please that one was scary and gross...

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Kim said...

Oh my what a night. What a horrid nightmare too, I was glad to hear you went a week w/ sleeping well and no nightmares then I read that, Geesh. Glad to hear my no fever no throwing up talk works too.