Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh Crap

So, I got two, yes TWO, calls from C's school today. One from the nurse, who called to say C said he had a tummy ache but was playing in her office and asking me what I wanted her to do. Really! Hello- send the child back to class! The second came from the vice principle saying that C was in his office today for "making bad decisions". The freaking wonderful angelic child was testing everyone in sight today. And you know what, I don't feel all that bad about it! I mean, I am sort of ticked at him personally over the deal, but as far as the school goes I am fed up. Case in point:

• Last week C got hauled into the office and I didn’t get a call. When I
questioned it I wasn’t all that thrilled with the response

• Every week there seems to be an issue, often time it is about
organization. I have had many talks with the school and his teacher about
papers coming home. When I volunteer I clean out C’s cubby but not
everything even makes it into there.

• April’s lunch menu
• A notice asking for glue which we have tons of and could have donated
• A notice saying his teacher will be out for five days starting today for her

So add all this to today’s issues. Number one C is being a little bit of a stinker. Two, the school is completely playing into it! For crying out loud I could have just kept him home today and he could have unpacked the mystery boxes in the laundry room left over from the last move!!!! But my point,
My child has a learning disability. His is hypersensitive to changes going on at the moment and isn’t aware of his own responsibilities. We’ve talked it to death in parent teacher meetings. I keep up my end of the bargain and then some. I feel like the school is slacking a little.

If I had gotten the three notices that are over two weeks old now on time instead of today, I could have reminded C that he had a substitute. Preparedness is half the battle.

Glue, well duh they just missed out on that.

And the lunch deal. I tell you, I am about to throttle Fairfax County. I am looking into how to lodge a formal complaint and see if I can volunteer on some sort of lunch committee or something in that nature. These assholes, I tell you, let a six year old pick between so many options, and they aren’t fresh. C had a chicken sandwich, blueberry pie, a cookie, and chocolate milk for lunch. WTF?? The pie was the F’in fruit? And you wonder why kids are hyper in the afternoon. Fuck you.

Obviously it is way easier to freak out on the lunch deal that the idea that C got sent to the office again for misbehaving.

An hour later ...

Just got off the phone with S and talked about all of the above. I feel a bit better about it all however it seems there is so much more to every problem these days. To many sides to a story.

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I hope life can only get better said...

F ing school is right! I wish I had more for you, but my mind is on autopilot tonight. The school needs to get their act together, there has to be a school council or something you can go to. My heart aches for you...I so know your fustrations. Wish we were closer!!!!!!