Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Super Clean

Ok, it is official, my dear husband is a slob. He has been gone just over a week and I haven't really had to clean anything since he's been gone. I vacuumed today and was pretty surprised that I didn't have to do the stairs. (S wears his boots in the house when he gets home)Also, I am caught up on laundry. Normally I have four or five loads in a queue. But without all his over-sized sweats laundry hasn't piled up. This might be a honeymoon phase. :P) The I miss you phase is certainly underway too.

In other news: C stayed home from school today with a tummy ache. I am not convinced he was really sick. But the last time I sent him to school in that state he threw up and I got a call to go pick him up less than an hour after I dropped him off. Anyway by 9:00 he was already itching to do something other than lay in bed and watch TV. I was thinking of taking him to school but just as I was about to tell him, he started saying he wasn't feeling good. Either he was just really sick or I am really a push over. Anyway, I lean towards the last one, so I was a real stickler all day. No video games, no sugar, no snacks other than veggies, no eating all day long, and no running around. We played a few board games, read books, I made him unload and load the dishwasher, put laundry away, and clean his room. He is hating life right now. And really, I am okay with that, the kid isn't sick. He is actually bored out of his mind and just wants to run around and play. He dying to go outside. I only wish I hadn't started off with TV, thinking he was really sick. Books, a few games and hard labor. That is how the past six hours have been - I don't think he'll be playing sick any time soon again.


Kim said...

I know when my kids and Jess are gone my house stays so nice and clean. The minute any of them come home it looks like I havent cleaned in years. ISnt it funny how the old "my tummy hurts" trick always wins.I tell my kids if youre not throwing up or have a fever, your going to school. IF you feel sick at school tell the teacher and I will come get you.I usually dont hear from teacher most of the

I hope life can only get better said...

When I was in high school I used to take what I called "Mental Health Days" off from school. It was usually a day when I just could not take it any more. And I would just veg all day. But than again I was 16-17 and not 7. Hard labor was the way to! Both C and D have done that to me. I think all kids do. I always take the same approach you just did, and usually by noon they are asking to go to school. And it cures them for a while.

Hey...where did you get all the cool pictures on the side of your blog? Did you take them?