Monday, April 26, 2010

At 1:00 PM Did You Know Where Your Child Was?

Mine was suppose to be at school but instead he walked through the front door!

I am livid. I am beyond livid. I do not understand why I am having these troubles with this school. And to top it off I have no F'in idea why I am nice about it when I call or go in. I have had it. Once my nerves calmed down and I thought about the events of the afternoon I couldn't believe what had actaully happened.

C has school until 12:50 on Mondays after school he goes to a reading program until 1:50 and takes a different bus home. I meet him at the bus stop at approximately 2:05 (although the bus has been an issue in the past) Today was his last day of the extension program and the kids were suppose to have a party. C was looking forward to it. He has worked hard in that tutoring program since before Christmas. Well he didn't go. To top that off he has no idea why. He does have a substitute this week and I get that things happen, so at first I was just surprised to see him walk through the door at 1:00. I always meet him outside. I immediately said, "I better call the school, they are probably looking for you."

So I call, and they have no idea what I am talking about, so I leave a message. I was polite and kind. Then I sit down to read a few books with C when it hits me, I wasn't even suppose to be home! I was on my way to the post office when I remembered I had laundry in the washing machine and went to change it. From there I got side tracked picking up a few toys in the den. What if I hadn't been home?

I almost had a coronary. So I showed C how to use the phone. Seriously, he had no idea how it worked. Which is sort of scary because we have talked about 911 a ton, but I never showed him how to use our phones! (you have to press talk) So I write down my cell, S's work, and we practice. Then I realize that the door would most likely be locked. So I tell him if that happens to go next door or across the street to his friends. They all have my cell phone number.


I hope life can only get better said...

Are you kidding me? It is so time to not be nice to these idiots! First he does not go to the party he was so looking forward to and than they have no clue what you were talking about. Time to rip someone a new one! D would not even know where to go, that is so scary. I am praying for you and C that this school gets their act together.

Kim said...

My goodness. I would be so upset too. Good thing you were home. That school and their programs sound like s joke. Hope they get their act together, a little note letting parents know they were not having a party or tutoring that day would of helped. I'd give them a earful if I were you