Saturday, March 6, 2010

And the World Spins

I've had an enlightening / rude awakening moment. Because I am not in the mood to deal with the massiveness that is this "awakening" I shall complain about the idiotic nimrods that I have encountered today.

Dear Lady with the cell phone in the hallway at CCD, You aren't more important than the rest of us. Also, you pronounce the works AS-K not AXE.

Dear Lady with the licky lips child, you child is creeping me out, please instruct him to keep him tongue in his mouth. Also, you pronounce the word PIC-TURES not PITCHERS. Pitchers of Abe Lincoln are not the same as pictures of him. I am not pouring iced tea from his top hat!

Dear Man with your hand in your wife's back pocket, Please wait until you are outside of the Catholic school before feeling up your wife.

Dear Man in the red car, Yeah! I WAS WALKING THERE.

Dear workers of McDonald's on Elden Street, you spell men, M_E_N not MAWNS. The room is incorrectly signed.

Dear Driver of the white van, My bad - sorry.

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