Thursday, March 25, 2010

If Your Looking for a Sign

We got out tax refund today. The IRS website said it would be here April 20th. I guess they were feeling generous? I am so relieved. If it hadn't come we would have had only 40.00 left over from our next paycheck. Seriously, 40.00. Granted 450.00 of that check go into savings, IRA's, and TSP (sort of a 401K) but it isn't like we can just take that money out either. So after tithe, savings and paying bills we aren't keeping much of the refund. VK's are just too important. I'd rather eat mac and cheese all year than give just one up. Still, I am thrilled - all that talk about me going back to work has us on edge.

For now it is put off until S returns from the USAF school in May. Then there is the whole vacation schedule:P) Things are looking more and more like September-ish. We'll see.


I hope life can only get better said...

I would love a "real" vacation. It's just not in the cards.

Kim said...

How wonderful It couldn't of came at a more perfect time for you guys. Give Thanks to God for that