Friday, March 5, 2010

What Did I Start?

S and I worry that C doesn't get enough socialization outside of school. We both remembering playing with friends after school every day. C has a sport every quarter, he goes to the youth center once a month for a kids night, and he goes to birthday parties here and there, but he doesn't have that one best friend.

So, the kids across the street are a bit older but asked to come over the other day. I said yes and the kids were all really good. Today, they all just assumed they could come over and came right in after school. Yesterday another friend came over. Three days in a row isn't tons, but I hope this isn't an everyday thing. He cannot go across the street, there is no parent home.

C has kids night out tonight at the youth center. We are meeting friends for dinner during that time. It should be fun for all. I am wondering if I should make a desert or something special to offer our friends after we eat out. Play cards - eat junk food? Sounds like a grand time to me. We'll see.

Also, I returned all my MADD ribbons. Get this; I asked for more. In the end I actaully like doing it. Plus I didn't feel guilty watching Days of our Lives this week because I was doing something productive for the community at the same time. LOL - really what the heck am I doing - extra kids everyday, more volunteer work - baking??? I better go do something before I take on even more.


Jamie said...

Ok, by MADD ribbons you mean the ribbons made out of ribbon that people wear? I'm just a bit confused ;) (nothing new there though).

I know what you mean about friends, I feel the same way about my kids...I know my boys have each other and all the kids play together but I wish they had some close friends. They do have friends but nobody real close. H had one close one at our old church, but we switched churches...

Have fun tonight! I have to try to find a dress for Dining Out tomorrow night (fun, fun...I hate schmoozing at military events like that). If nothing else I'll resort to a bridesmaid dress I wore 10 1/2 years ago that STILL fits!!

I hope life can only get better said...

Are you turning in too me? I am a bad influence huh! LOL Are the kids good kids though? And was the MADD lady mean again?