Thursday, March 25, 2010

What a Day

Whoa. What a day.

In order, the list of good things that happened

1. We got refund
2. I went to C's school for Muffins w/ Mom's and didn't leave with a headache
3. I went to my toning exercise class and didn't get completely killed
4. I fixed the Xbox 360. It broke the other day when C and I were watching a movie, S was all upset over it complaining that all our things are breaking all at once. (he has a totally valid point)
5. I got our winnings back from Game On. It was 76.00. But I paid 60.00. So we won 16.00. If my sister ever pays me back we can bump that up by 20.00. LOL.
6. Our heating bill came in, it was less than last month
7. I took a nap
8. I might not even make dinner. The day is just too good.

Of course to put a damper on things here is a list of things that have broken in the last two weeks

1. A regular XBOX controller (cannot buy new ones any longer)
2. A PlayStation 2 controller broke
3. The Xbox 360 had an error code on it E 74, but see above - that is fixed for now
4. Our couch is in rough shape the tears are getting bigger and one leg went missing last time we moved. This last week we noticed too that it will not come clean and is an overall embarrassing. I bought it at a yard sale in Minot, enough said there.
5. Two coffee cups.
6. Maggie's harness
7. Our big ass TV is on the fritz. S hasn't noticed yet. There is this purple line that scrolls the screen, super annoying once you see it once you cannot stop looking at it. (refurbished TV, replaced our original one through Vizio - so we always expected this to happen - we won't be replacing it if it goes all out)
8. Our rocking chair. I use to be able to fix it when these flaps fell out of the bottom, this week I tried, but they rotted and fell apart. Note to anyone over 40 pounds - don't sit there.

Honestly I could care less about most of this crap. We know we need new furniture. And we have four TV's and only three of us, so if the big one goes, it goes. The controllers were bound to expire eventually and the 360, well we did buy it used. The coffee cups kinda sucked, but what can you do - one tired mom and a tile floor = an occasional drop; sometimes even two in one week. And Maggie's harness - well we are training her, so we don't even need it anyway.

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I hope life can only get better said...

I so need these new things:

A wash machine(mine stops at random times and you have to stand there and hold the knob out to keep it running)

A couch (mine smells no matter how many times I clean it. Todd says I am the only one who smells it but I am the one who matters. The springs are also falling of the ends and the cat has scratched the arm to hell)
Both were purchased used

Living room rug..I hate it..DOG!

Shower head sucks, shower with a tricle, could get wetter in the rain.

those are only a few...hope I mad you smile:)