Friday, March 19, 2010

A New Day

I think I am going to rearrange my MP3 player. I have so much stuff on there, that is good, but I seem to FF through too many songs. I am actaully lucky enough to have two, so I think I am going to have one that is upbeat workout stuff and the other with my favorite songs of all time. Lately my taste has reverted back to James Taylor, of whom I always go back to. I am adding a few new favorites to the list as well as some old ones I can't live without. What is your favorite song? My favorite on of all time is Jersey Girl by Bruce Springsteen. There happens to be an entire list floating around in my head. Last night I dreamed that I was DJing a wedding and loving life. Just as I put on Georgia someone yelled from across the room, "You are terrible!" and they throw a large object at me. I didn't see what it was. But you know, it was true - my favorite songs are slower and almost always raspy, not exactly dancing songs - hence the need for two players.

Favorite Artists: in order of what is on my CD player now:

1. Citizen Cope (Clarence Greenwater)I need this guys older stuff, but it is a little hard to get. He has one album that was never released and then another that was really limited. His last three are in circulation though - and they are phenomenal.
2. One Republic, certainly moved up on my list since I saw them in an acoustic live preformance
3. The Script, had this great breakout hit with the Man that wouldn't leave and to my surprise that album was even better. I got some older stuff from them and found it in heavy rotation on my stereo rather quickly. So they are new for me.
4. James Taylor
5. Carole King
6. Bruce Springsteen
7. Rise Against, sound like Lincoln Park, but one of my favorite songs of all time is silly and sweet and they sing it perfect. "Swing Life Away" the rest of it I could take or leave, although White Flag Warrior is good, it is their newest (I think) If I separated favorite songs from artists this one would have to move to the songs list.
8. Gavin Rossdale (with Bush or without)
9. Matchbox 20, however pop they are, I love them
10. Ben Harper anything he sings is amazing especially the compilations with Jack Johnson
11. Jack Johnson and together with Ben With My Own Two Hands
12. The Wreckers, totally a combo band that wasn't meant to last, but I liked their album
13. OAR, when I first moved to DC they were being raved about as a "local" band and then suddenly they were everywhere and I think rightfully so.
14. 3 Doors Down: S and I saw them in concert last summer and despite a crappy set up thanks to DC and airport traffic flying overhead they were amazing. The energy was contagious.
15. Bon Jovi, Just a childhood favorite. Most of their new stuff sounds alike these days which is unfortunate because I've always liked their lyrics.
16. Eric Clapton cliche I know
17. Paul Simon yeah - I know cliche too, but who cares I listen to his greatest hits all the time.

I just realized I could go on forever. :P)


I hope life can only get better said...

On my MP3 Right now (in order of my favorites right now)

Jason Aldeen (The truth, Big Green Tractor and Country girl)

Lincoln Park
Blue October
Green Day
The Twilight and New Moon Soundtracks
3 Doors Down
Kenny Chesney
Keith Urban
Dropkick Murphys (Boston band that kicks ass)
Rage aginst the machine
Garth Brooks
Gary Allen

Really out there mix but I like what I like

Jamie said...

I mostly listen to Christian stuff, but I do like David Cook....he's got some great songs. I can't think offhand what else is on my ipod. Zach's got tons of 80s hits on his.