Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'd Like Some Waffles

I could go for some waffles, but I suppose this coffee will have to do for now.

We are so cash poor this week. S needed a ton of new uniforms, 600+ dollars worth. Then we bought a plane ticket for C for our June vacation for 50.00. Then normal crap added up and pow we have only double digits left until payday. However, the uniforms can be paid with from savings, I'd just have to transfer the money - but I really don't want to, it is a big chunk.

The USAF gives S a couple hundred or more dollars every year for uniforms. We never use it. In fact he only has one of each uniform, has been wearing boots he got for free when we lived in Minot! Yup they are eight years old... and get this - they don't fit, never have. Also, he has no authorized jackets, belts, socks, or even the right T-shirts. Also he's had the same dress uniform since he came in and I think the shoes that match those are at least six years old and they only have one insert left in the sole of one shoe. Also, they smell. Soooo, S has this six week school coming up and he realized that he better not wear his regular jackets, tube socks, leather belt, boots that look like ass, shoes that look worse, and t-shirts that aren't exactly the right color. The man went shopping. Long overdue shopping. I remember us spending so much on uniforms and replacement crap when he worked on a base, LOL - we are just so spoiled here.

Umm, getting back to the plane ticket: So we are planning a few vacations this summer, one to Disney World, one to Myrtle Beach, and a few weekend camping trips. We are trying to get the Disney one set. We have free tickets to the park from doing volunteer work. Scott has enough miles from United for a free flight for him. Also he had a 300.00 voucher from them he had to use before it expired (he used it for C). We are going to wait to buy mine, I might take a different airline to save money or see if S gets more miles from United. The hotel will be paid for with frequent traveler points also, so it is going to be a cheep weekend getaway.


Kerry said...

We need to get together this summer as well. :-)

I hope life can only get better said...

coming to MA at all?

Kim said...

Yikes that man is in need of some new uniforms and boots. I think this is the longest Jess has gone between buying boots (like 2 years). We were just wondering if Jess would get clothing allowance since his 11 year mark is coming up in April. Your vacations sound like they're gonna be fun. We arent going home this year instead we're gonna buy my parents train ticket up here and we're gonna do vacation w/ them up here to Glacier Natl Park and go to Yellowstone. I cant wait

Jamie said...

I hate new uniform buying- such a money sucker! Zach went crazy on new ones last year. Ohhh those sound like some wonderful vacations! I need a vacation! Great deals on the airlines! Oh and waffles and been my one item I can eat these days!